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About Elder Abuses and Their Legal Aids in the USA

Who can be defined as an elderly man in the US? Well, this differs from one state to the other. In Florida and California, anyone exceeding 65 is called an elderly citizen. Again, in Massachusetts, Illinois and New York, anyone exceeding 60 can be called an elder. Just like a ...

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Understanding the Permanent Criminal Record DUI Consequences

If you were to ask most people about the issues associated with being arrested for DUI, they will likely talk about the immediate possibilities. Being convicted of DUI could result in having your drivers license taken away temporarily, a fine, spending time in jail, alcohol classes or community service hours. ...

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Often times, divorce is the last option available to a couple when there are contending issues in the marriage. The challenge in taking this decision is that dissolving a marriage is usually not the simplest of tasks. Assets, child custody, alimony and child support are all factors which must be ...

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Full Coverage May Not Mean What You Think, For Personal Injury Coverage

When you take out an insurance policy, there are terms that get thrown around like there is a common consensus about what they mean. When someone tells you that you have “full coverage,” you would assume that means that you have the coverage to ensure that no matter what happens, ...

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