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3 Common Employment Law Questions Clarified

Sometimes employment law can be challenging to understand. Listed here are three common workplace situations as well as their legal implications.


You will find three potential regions of legal exposure:

  • unfair dismissal
  • illegal termination and
  • discrimination

Every so often an worker will need to leave your employment because of long-term health problems. They might wish to resign or you might want to eventually consider disregarding them. It’s advantageous to think about as numerous ways possible to assist them to to work – dismissal ought to be a last measure and is considered unfair otherwise handled correctly.

If ongoing employment is no more achievable because you will find no reasonable changes that may be made, it might be fair that you should dismiss them.

The Fair Work Act 2009 claims that a company mustn’t dismiss an worker since the worker is temporarily absent from work because of illness or injuries.

The Fair Work Regulation 2009 provides that it’s not really a “temporary absence” when the employees absence from work stretches in excess of 3 several weeks, or even the total absences from the worker, inside a year, happen to be greater than 3 several weeks. The business still needs a justification to dismiss the worker, even when the worker continues to be absent on delinquent leave for 3 several weeks or higher.

We recommend you request the worker to supply medical info on his convenience of work and just what support he should go back to work.

2: Proof Of ILLNESS

You are able to insist upon employees supplying evidence that will satisfy an acceptable person that they’re titled to sick leave, for instance, a clinical certificate or legal declaration. That being stated there’s no specific time-frame because the time-frame needed is “the moment practicable”.

Because of this you need to devise an itemized policy that states that the employees provide similarly info inside a specific time-frame. Your policy also needs to specify that the employees inform their manager directly of the absence (whenever possible), or phone their manager inside a certain time-frame to describe why they can’t reach work so when they be prepared to return.


When disregarding an worker it’s important to provide them notice. The notice commences once the employer informs the worker that they would like to finish the use. Should you inform them of the redundancy right before leave, time allocated to annual leave will count towards their notice period.

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