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Custody Assistance with Family Law

Family law can cover several different categories. Divorce and child custody are the most common. Child custody issues can make a divorce incredibly complicated. There are often standard custody and visitation schedules that are set in cases with no protests. There are, however, cases that require more attention and planning. These may include cases that involve domestic violence and addiction. Some may also try to achieve an agreement where the child’s time is spent equally in each home. When you feel the need to challenge the standard custody orders, you can benefit from hiring a solicitor that specialises in family law.

Variations in Visitation

If you wish to protest the standard custody orders, you need to be clear about what you are asking for. This can be brought up prior to the court hearing. When you are meeting for mediation, you may be able to negotiate the terms. Your solicitor can help you come up with ways to present your wishes that may be acceptable. Gain help from family law solicitors in Nottingham. A common variation in the standard schedule is to have children spend half of the week at one parent’s home and half at the other. There may also be times when parents need to customise the visitation schedule due to one parent that travels for work, as well. Everyone’s situation is different. Custody is not always a one size fits all situation.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, there are many times when a marriage ends due to domestic violence. This can cause some issues with custody. When violence is an issue, your solicitor may need to help you set up supervised visits for the kids. You can be prepared by providing proof of the violence for your solicitor to present. This may include things such as police reports, medical reports, and photos of injuries. The children’s safety may be a major concern with a domestic violence case. Proper legal representation can help you stay strong during these difficult cases.


Legal representation can also help you deal with a disagreement from the other parent. Your proposed custody agreement may be refused and protested by your former spouse. You may end up in a custody battle at this point. You solicitor can help you navigate your different choices during this time. Compromises often have to be made, or the judge may decide on the final arrangement for you. You may request full custody, yet your spouse states this is not acceptable. You may need to produce documentation as to why this is the best choice. Perhaps they have some difficulties that you feel may cause issues with custody rights. Your solicitor can help you to decide if your requests are feasible.

Custody cases are some of the most stressful situations that result from divorces. Parents often feel strongly about what is best for their kids. A family law specialist is a great asset for these cases. They can help you gain some perspective and find ways to compromise when necessary. When there is a valid danger to the children, a solicitor can also suggest ways to protect them. Take the time to have a consultation with a solicitor to plan your case.

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