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Often times, divorce is the last option available to a couple when there are contending issues in the marriage. The challenge in taking this decision is that dissolving a marriage is usually not the simplest of tasks. Assets, child custody, alimony and child support are all factors which must be agreed upon and dealt with legally. For this reason it is imperative to have a seasoned lawyer to handle all the aspects of the proceedings.


When third parties to the matter become involved, there are lots of options which can be explored, many of which are not expensive. However, the situation can ideally be solved by the two parties involved without having to involve a third party.

A term which you might want to acquaint yourself with if you have chosen to end your marriage is an uncontested divorce. This term basically means that the divorce case is uncontested if both partners settle all issues and end the marriage by a written agreement. If you and your partner have been able to resolve the matter and agree to the terms of your divorce such as division of marital assets and custody in this way, there would probably not be any need to show up in court.

Usually, you would only have to sign an agreement which will then be submitted in a law court. If you are not familiar with how to get a divorce in Ontario and the various types of divorce and the terms used in ending your marriage, it will do you a lot of good to seek the assistance of a legal professional. Sometimes, divorce cases can linger for a long period of time and when a legal adviser is involved it implies lots of money being spent on their services for both partners.

Most couples do not realize that there is yet another option to filing for a divorce that will cost them far less because it will not involve the services of a lawyer.This is best known as a pro se divorce, but is also frequently called a do-it-yourself divorce. Bear in mind that this might not be the right option for you, but it is worth considering to know if you qualify to take this route.

The first thing you need to consider when deciding if filing a Pro Se will be suitable for you is whether or not it will be uncontested by your spouse even if there are martial properties or children.

Uncontested means that you will not be able to involve any sort of retirement accounts, investments, stocks or any such thing. In a Pro Se divorce, you will not deal with any sort of alimony decision, so if this is an issue of concern, you will still be required to hire an attorney to handle these things.

This type of separation work best when both parties to the divorce file for a Pro Se divorce instead of one party to hire an attorney while the other does not. However, Military divorces must be done with the services of a lawyer because there are likely to be more complications even if the divorce is an uncontested one.

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