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Do It Yourself Divorce Ontario Procedure For Hassle Free Divorce

Getting divorce itself is a big decision and when you have decided to follow the divorce procedure without any additional legal assistance then you should do some learning so that you can follow all the necessary steps of the divorce procedure. Hiring a professional lawyer is always good idea but divorce lawyer will make the situation little harder for you especially when you are already tired of explaining your reasons of divorce.


There is no difficulties in this procedure, all you have to do is to understand the regulations of divorce procedure of that specific city and place where you live in. For example, if you live in Ontario then you should search about the Do It Yourself Divorce Ontario procedure. But to save your time and effort, here I am sharing with you some tips that will help you get perfect understanding of divorce procedure and then you would be able to do the divorce hassle free!

Decide To Divorce: In the procedure of Do It Yourself Divorce Ontario, you would need to be very sure about your decision because this is the step that you can never take back. So, before you actually take any step further, you need to ensure that this is actually what you want. Both parties should agree on the decision of divorce.

Divorce Application: Then, this would be time for you to apply for divorce application. You would need to obtain this application. You can get this application from various authorized sources like family law information center, bookstore, lawyer and court office etc.

Determine Grounds: There would be certain grounds for you to determine for a successful divorce procedure. You should determine whether you are going to file No-fault divorce or Fault divorce. Doing little research about it will help you to determine right choice of divorce procedure. There are two kinds of divorces which are contested divorce and uncontested divorce. You should also be very careful about this selection before you actually proceed for filing procedure.

Custody Decision: Also, if there are any kids then both parties should also discuss about kid’s custody. There should be proper agreement about support and parenting after divorce.

File Divorce: When you have done everything else then this would be time of filing your divorce application. Either you can consider doing it yourself or you can hire a professional lawyer for this purpose to make this process quicker. And when it is matter of selecting professional attorney then you can give your preference to The Divorce Angels for this purpose.

Divorce Clearance: After going thru all the procedure of divorce filing, then it would be time for you to wait for divorce clearance. This is legal matter therefore it takes standard period of time.

Divorce Certificate: You would need to wait for the official and legal notice from court for the application acceptance and then you can get your legal and official divorce certificate.

Usually, this entire procedure of divorce takes 30 days. If you will make sure that you follow all the necessary steps of this procedure then you will clearly get best results of divorce in shortest period of time.

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