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Do You Need a Solicitor to Defend You for a Road Traffic Offence?

If you get in trouble whilst driving, you need to turn to a solicitor who specialises in the area of road traffic defence. A wide range of road traffic laws fall under this area. Some of the offences that a road traffic solicitor handles include the following:

  • Road traffic offences that end in a fatality
  • Dangerous driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Failure to supply a breath analysis specimen
  • Speeding
  • Driving without due attention and care
  • Driving without insurance
  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving

As you can see, many offences are defined by recklessness. Therefore, you need to secure the services of a solicitor who knows how to defend these types of cases. A road traffic solicitor can assist you with obtaining advice at the police station, keeping your driving license, providing special arguments and reasons, and arguing exceptional hardship.

Exceptional Hardship

In the case of exceptional hardship, a solicitor can help you avoid disqualification by putting forth specific reasons to prevent disqualification, points in drunk driving, or no insurance cases. When you work with a firm like JWP Solicitors, the solicitors know that a person’s driver’s licence is important to him or her. Therefore, solicitors will work at making sure you can continue driving.

You can also confer with road traffic offence solicitors about points you have already received and points you are about to receive on your driving licence. For example, if you receive a total of 12 points on your driving licence, you will be issued a 6-month disqualification.

However, again, if exceptional hardship can be proven, the disqualification can be avoided. To facilitate this process, the defendant needs to give evidence under oath before the court. If the argument is successful, the points will remain whilst disqualification is avoided. Just keep in mind that the exceptional hardship argument defence cannot be used for the same reason more than once in three years.

In addition, a driving disqualification can be circumvented if a solicitor argues that special reasons in the case apply. Some of the reasons include the small distance that was driven or an emergency. Discuss the benefits of using this argument if it applies to you.

If you have already been charged with drunk driving, you should talk to a lawyer about your plea. A drunk driving arrest carries a required 12-month minimum ban on driving privileges. Besides the ban, the court imposes a community penalty, such as community service, a fine, or prison time, depending on the situation. If the mitigation proceedings are well-prepared, the ban can be kept to a minimum, all which can make the difference between whether you end up in prison or must pay a fine and assume a community penalty.

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