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How to Apply for the US O1 Visa

This visa is given only to people with exceptional achievements and hence involves an application process which is as easy as it can be difficult. However, getting in touch with an O1 Visa Lawyer, having experience in this field and one who has ample knowledge of the process involved makes it much easier to apply for this visa. It also increases the chances of getting through in the first attempt itself.

Finding the right sponsors 

It is not possible for individuals themselves to file for this type of Visa. It has to be sponsored by any agent based in USA who can be:

  • An employer based in USA,
  • A foreign employer working in tandem with a US representative or
  • Any person acting on behalf of and representing several employers in the USA. 

The process 

The whole process involves:

  • Filing of the O1 application form 

This is generally filed on USCIS Form 1 of 129 O-P Supplement and must include the following documents:

  • A written consultation preferably with a peer group involved with the applicant’s area of expertise,
  • A copy of the written contract the applicant has signed with the employer or if it is an oral agreement, the summary of terms needs to be detailed,
  • Evidence of the type of services to be provided by the applicant,
  • Documentary evidence of any 3 of the 8 statutory criteria which the applicant has to meet.
  • Premium processing of the O1 Visa 

By applying for this the applicant can ensure adjudication of the O1Visa application within 15 days. An even more prompt decision or approval can be sought by paying an additional fee. This will ensure that the immigration authorities communicate within 15days of the O1 Visa application with the applicant regarding either:

  • Approval which also gets communicated to the US consulate nearest to the applicant’s current residence or
  • Request for providing further evidence or
  • A notice for misrepresentation or fraud.

There are special privileges attached to the granting of the O1 Visa and hence the whole process is a bit detailed yet a relatively easy process.

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