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How to Choose the Right Solicitor

Choosing a solicitor can be difficult, especially these days. With the boom of the Internet and the economy improving, many different solicitors are choosing to open their own practices instead of joining others. This is great for you since you can find a specific, qualified solicitor who will probably have fewer clients than some of those bigger firms. Fewer clients mean he or she will have more time and energy to devote to your case. While that’s great, it also means that there are more firms than ever before. Having dozens means it can be hard to narrow it down to one. Here are some things to help you consider your decision:


Number of Locations

If you’re shopping for a solicitor, you’re probably going to want to think about locations. Depending on the complexity of your case, you might have to visit your solicitor several times throughout the proceedings. If that person is far away, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time traveling. If you don’t have a vehicle, then you will have to find a way to get to your solicitor. If that person is far away, it could be an incredible hassle and, in some cases, an incredibly expensive hassle.

Look for a solicitor who has many different locations, so you know someone is always around to help you close to your home. Maurice Blackburn Solicitors in Brisbane, for example, have the most locations in the area. If you were in that area, they’d probably be a pretty good choice.


Types of Cases

You want to make sure you’re signing on with a solicitor who takes your case and a variety of others. Building a rapport with a solicitor or a firm is difficult, but once you have one, you have a bond of trust that can be very beneficial. A bond of trust allows you to call your solicitor for many different things you might need. However, you need to make sure that your solicitor handles that specific kind of case. The best way to do that is to check their website. They’ll show you all the different things they cover.

if you pick a solicitor who covers a bunch of different areas, then you can rest assured that they’ll be able to help you in the future.



You definitely want to pick solicitors who have a lot of experience. There are so many different ways to open a firm these days that you sometimes get people who are fresh out of school trying to open their own firms. While they might turn out to be really great at their jobs, you don’t really know for sure. You’d probably be better off not gambling on an inexperienced solicitor. Picking a lawyer who has decades of experience ensures that you’re picking someone who has good relationships in the legal community, a deep well of knowledge and an abundance of resources.

An experienced solicitor has probably tried a case like yours before and can definitely help you. You deserve the very best representation you can find.


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