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Income Replacement Benefits For Accident Victims

Not all accident victims are such fortunate that they can continue their employment just a few days following the accident. Some people get mild injuries that take only a week to recover, but unfortunately, some get severe injuries and they have to stay on their bed for a long time or some even some cannot work for their whole life. In such severe injury cases, where the victims are not able to continue their work after following an accident can get the mandatory Statutory Accident Benefits. Mandatory Statutory Accident Benefits are also known as income replacement benefits. If you really do not about these benefits and how to get them, you can get assistance from the best personal injury lawyer in Ottawa. You must be eligible in following ways to qualify for the income replacement benefit:

  • You must be considerably incapable to carry out the tasks of their service due to the collision and you have been working at the time of the accident or
  • You ware self-employed at the time of the accident or
  • You had been working for most of the past year earlier to the accident or
  • In a case of unemployment, you had received Employment Insurance for at least 26 weeks before the accident; or
  • You were 16 years old at the time of the accident and not allowed not attend school.

Under SABS, you can receive 70% of your gross weekly income and the figure varies according to the employment history just prior to the accident. Moreover, you may get your benefits at least every two weeks; however, it may not exceed $400 per week. Your income will be calculated based on:

  • your gross income in the 52 weeks preceding to the accident; or
  • your gross income in the four weeks prior the accident and multiplied by 13

Your benefits will be reduced if you have another source of income that includes financial help from your employer or other insurance policy.

If you still disabled following the two year income replacement benefit period, you may eligible to receive a non-earner income replacement of an utmost of $185 per week. Beside it, you may receive the following other benefits:

  • CPP Disability Benefit,
  • Employment Insurance Sickness Benefit,
  • Employer short-term and long-term disability benefits

If you have been a victim of car collision and cannot continue your work due to severe injuries, you should get in touch with the best personal injury lawyer to get your deserving income replacement benefits.

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