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Is A No Fault Divorce Your Best Bet For A Painless Separation?

When you are mulling over the decision to divorce your spouse there are a number of factors which you should consider. To begin with, have you undergone a trial period of separation? If you have done so and still find it impossible to reason with your spouse over important matters, such as finances or the well-being of your children, a divorce is very likely the only possible resolution. In the state of New York, it is possible to obtain a “no fault” divorce. This means that neither party will be charged with the blame for contributing to the dissolution of the marriage.


Will A “No Fault” Divorce Settlement Guarantee an Equal Property Split?

In theory, the “no fault” divorce settlement is designed to guarantee an equitable division of all property and assets held in common during the marriage. However, in practice, there are plenty of loopholes through which things can go radically awry if you aren’t in a position to prevent it. When you appear in court at the start of your divorce proceedings, you should be armed with two things: A full inventory of all of the property that you claim as your own and intend to keep after the dissolution of the marriage, and an experienced and professional New York divorce lawyer.

Is A “No Fault” Divorce Your Only Option In New York State?

New York was the final state to adopt the “no fault” divorce, only doing so in 2010, long after the rest of the nation. However, you can still file for an “at fault” divorce if certain criteria are met. These criteria include excessive cruelty, infidelity, and abandonment for a period of one year or more. If you feel that the grounds for your divorce are covered under one or more of the above criteria, it may be in your best interests to file for an “at fault” divorce.

How Can You Make The Right Choice For A New York Divorce Lawyer?

When you are considering hiring a divorce attorney, you will need a set of reliable criteria by which to choose the best possible candidate for the job. After all, your quality of life in the future will depend very largely on the lawyer you hire to represent your case in divorce court. The attorney you hire should be ready to show you all of their required state and Federal certifications. You can also contact the state bar of New York in order to check up on their credentials and make sure that they haven’t been embroiled in any legal wrongdoing or malpractice.

How Can You Contact A New York Divorce Attorney?

When you decide to file for divorce it will be up to you to hire the most qualified, skilled, and experienced lawyer. Once you are armed with professional legal representation, you will have the best possible chance at success for your case. For more information, you can visit  New York law firms such as Tully Rinckey PLLC.

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