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Learn more about the practice areas of a family solicitor

Family Law Attorneys Chester specializes in all areas of family law. When a couple is subject to dissolution and divorce, it is often included as a financial guarantee and is called maintenance, property claims, capital and pensions. In the first place, the living conditions and the care of the children of this couple are taken into account. Family law attorneys must have competent, qualified counsel, be able to represent and direct couples because disputes arise in the case of a break in relationships. Family lawyers in Chester recognize that breaking relationships requires an empathetic and sensitive treatment. From our many years of experience, lawyers understand and appreciate the anxiety, frustration and emotional stress that the divorce process can cause. Family law attorneys take pride in their constructive approach, aimed at ensuring couples and the future of their children, as well as trying to avoid the need to get angry and carry out an aggressive legal process.


In addition to considering the financial needs of children and spouses, it is also necessary to assess the direct impact of the separation. Each case of divorce is different. Consequently, the family law defence team must have extensive experience. In most cases, depending on the needs of the couple, the financial report is prepared individually. There is no compulsion to follow the established standard pattern. Several couples also accept paying in instalments. An agreement can be reached on the payment of reserves, the division of pensions or any other real estate sold in the future. Many couples accept flexible financial calculations.

In the divorce process, negotiating financial statements is a qualified and challenging task. As part of the initial process, it requires a frank and complete disclosure by both parties. In addition to considering the immediate and short-term effects of a division, it is also important to remember the future needs of children and spouses in the long term. In general, all the assets and income of both parties are accounted for, which include public assets such as trusts, companies, real estate, pensions, maintenance, distribution of income from all sources, securities and offshore assets.

Assets disclosure

Sometimes situations arise when assets are not disclosed, or couples are reluctant to disclose these assets, as they may be underestimated. Family lawyers consider each case based on their merits. Lawyers are doing everything possible to avoid a full-fledged court hearing and resolve issues through negotiations. The goal of family law solicitors in chester is an individual, fast and cost-effective solution for clients. During the first meeting with a family law lawyer, the issue of saving the marriage and discovering the reasons for the divorce is discussed. If the marriage is going to end, you may be asked to provide information about the children in the family, the date of separation and your property and assets.

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