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The Importance of a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is often an emotionally and financially trying time in anyone’s life, and it can be much worse if you don’t hire a divorce lawyer when you need one. Not all separation cases will require one, but there are several cases in which you should hire a lawyer to help you navigate tumultuous waters.

You Fear a Violent Situation

If you worry that your spouse is a danger to you or your children, you may need a divorce lawyer. He or she can help you take out a temporary restraining order and create the paper trail you’ll need for the courts to prove danger. This is especially important if there will be visitation for children. Your attorney can also advise you on how to go through legal channels to get assistance for safe housing as well as advise you about taking money from joint accounts.

You Simply Don’t Get Along

Even if the situation isn’t dangerous, two people not getting along at all can make it very difficult to get through the divorce process. Your attorney can mediate the situation to make it easier to get things done and finalize the end of the marriage. This may be especially helpful if there are many joint assets, such as bank accounts, homes, or valuables, that must be divided equally. Mediation is also often necessary for child support or alimony situations where the spouses cannot agree.

Your Spouse Hired a Lawyer

Perhaps you don’t think you need an attorney, but your spouse had other ideas. Even if you think the divorce process will go relatively smoothly, you should hire an attorney if your spouse does. This protects you in case he or she has decided to go against any agreement you originally had.

When hiring divorce lawyers in Lake County IL, ensure you work with a separate attorney from the one your spouse uses to avoid a conflict of interest. Look for reputable attorneys who are as compassionate as they are professional about this emotional time in your life.

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