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What is Whiplash and How Can You claim For It in NSW

None of us want to be in any kind of accident when we set out from home to go the office or to go shopping but accidents will happen and car accidents especially, occur quite regularly throughout Australia. Whiplash injuries differ from person to person depending on the circumstances of the accident. It does, however, show symptoms and some can be quite difficult to deal with. You can experience headaches, a sore neck, lower back pain, you may have some difficulty getting to sleep at night, dizziness and pain in your arms and legs. You may feel the results of whiplash almost immediately or they may come a few days after the incident.

What Can I Claim For?

This is separated into two separate areas. One is about how serious the injury really is and the effect that it has on your general day to day things that you do. If you are unable to attend work, then the level of the compensation will increase. The amount of money that it costs you to be out of work and the expenses incurred due to the whiplash injury are all taken into consideration when figuring out your compensation due. You can be compensated for hospital visits due to the injury, prescriptions cost and any additional help you had to get in order to manage with the injury.

The Average Claim Amount

Most of the whiplash injuries that occur last only a few days and you may only experience mild headaches and discomfort due to your injuries. For these kinds of cases, the typical compensation is between 2000 dollars and 4000 dollars but if you experience very severe whiplash symptoms and long term injuries, then the amount of compensation can go into 150,000 dollars or more.

Should You Make a Claim

You need to remember that all of us pay car insurance every year and we do this to protect us during the times when we need help after accidents and we have spent money taking care of ourselves at the hospital. You really should not second guess yourself or feel bad when claiming for whiplash. The law of the land states that you can rightly make a claim and so you should if you are injured and are out of pocket. The best way to go forward with your claim is to contact a law firm in NSW and get them to do all the hard work for you. They have many years of experience doing these types of claims and they can assist you with dealing with the insurance company.

You should generally only have to deal with one lawyer who will then present your claim to the third party insurers only after explaining to you exactly what is going on and what you need to do to make a successful claim. They will be with you every step of the way until the successful conclusion. They will assess, get medical advice and issue court proceeding on your behalf.


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