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Why Drunk Driving can Get you Into Trouble?

Have you always been drinking and driving? Are you proud of never being caught? Are you proud of never hitting someone despite drinking and driving late at night or even during traffic hours?

Drinking is fun, isn’t it? Most of us prefer drinking when we are at the party, but what we don’t understand is that it is not okay or safe to drink and drive. Even if you think you are not “drunk enough” to not drive, you must not do so. In fact, even if you have had only a shot of Vodka or a glass of red wine and you think it is okay for you to drink this much and drive, let us inform you that it is not okay at all.

There are attorneys for car accidents – law offices of Gordon Levinson is one of them. There are many out there and they all know how severe the offence is when you drink and drive. You may have not hit anyone till date, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever do that. You may hit someone real bad and would regret being over-confident about your driving skills.

There are things that can happen when you drink and drive. Wondering what?

Well, you may hit a tree and hurt yourself. Even if you don’t get caught when you do so, does hurting yourself sound fun? If not, then you have got to stop it or not do it.

Secondly, you may hit someone else with your car. You may not see someone walking on, or crossing, the roads. If you hit a person, you are bound to get sued for it. If the person doesn’t sue you, you would be in trauma all your life.

Thirdly, you may even KILL, and not just badly injure, someone. What if you later realize you hit the car of someone you know? What if you drink and drive and hit the car of someone you deeply love or are attached to?

Last, but the worst, is that you can be sued for a huge amount of compensation when caught for drinking and driving.

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